Three years ago we did our first ever contribution to a kickstarter. It was for a three part harmony string band. Their stage presence and harmony were astounding. We discovered they were professional actors by trade. They had met while doing a play together. Once they realized how easily and perfectly they harmonized together, it was inevitable that they create something. So they brought their musical gifts together, wrote songs, toured and did their first album. We were thrilled to be a part of something  so special. The Blue Eyed Bettys are the name they chose. Look into their eyes. Now you know where the name comes from. I can tell you, they are a must see in person. 

We scheduled them for a house concert. This was August 23, 2015. We built a stage up by the barn. It was on the gently slope of the hill, under a tree canopy, by the dwarf conifer garden beds. Amazingly we had over 250 people.  This was just from sharing youtube videos with acquaintances. The videos were all the advertisement we needed.

We received feedback from most of the crowd afterwards. The common denominator, this was a  perfect place for an outdoor concert. 
The atmosphere was amazing, the crowd was respectful and attentive,
the coziness of the outdoor space made for a "better than listening room" sound. I guess it was the tree canopy that made 10 acres seem cozy.  The homemade stage only added to the charm. Even the crickets were in perfect harmony with the singers. All of these words are from the mouths of the crowd.

Where the stage was build, did not fit in with the wife's dwarf conifer collection.  It had to come down. The wood became part of the floor of my workshop. Any concert required a rebuild.

We had hoped to do another concert in May 2017 but the singer we wanted couldn't have her whole band together on the dates that would work for us. This was local iconic singer, Martha Bassett. 

Finally we had the opportunity to get our favorite singer/songwriter, Jonathan Byrd. He played at Windfield Farm September 30, 21017. Once again we had a great excited crowd. Martha Bassett played a few songs to open. It was one of the most wonderful days for us, getting two of our favorite entertainers together on the same evening.

Once again the feedback was very positive. One musician said we had the best venue in the whole of the Triad. So I guess now we have a venue. Trena, an artist described our hillside as marvelous megaphone  created by nature. She had several musicians setting with her who were very impressed. 

This had motivated us to do a few  concerts a year. Stay tuned.

Robin Tower and Gary Hendricks
with Windfield Farm