Our Band are Sasha Papernik and Justin Poindexter. They have been asked to go on tour to Poland this summer with the State Department, and are doing a short warmup stateside tour. We are one of the lucky sites they have chosen to play. This will be a rare opportunity to see and hear them.

Our Band will win your heart.

Steeped in the tradition of great male and female duets such as Johnny Cash and June Carter, and Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, Sasha Papernik and Justin Poindexter bring their own effervescent energy, buoyant wit, and intimate harmonies to a rich Americana soundscape. Their expansive palette pulls great songs from every decade and every corner of the globe, weaving them into a cohesive tapestry. Together, they have performed for audiences in some of the world’s greatest venues, from Carnegie Hall to Lincoln Center to the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. 
Vocalist and pianist/accordionist Sasha Papernik is a classically trained pianist and first generation Russian-American. The Washington Post calls her “uncommonly attractive and entertaining…managing a comfortable balance of the formal and the casual." Drawing on her dual heritage, she uses her wide range of talents to present concerts spanning genres and continents. Her self-released bilingual album, "Victory," has been hailed by reviewers as "unparalleled in its aesthetics and musical elegance" (Indiemunity). Her bilingual concert, “I Speak Music," has toured New York City schools for The Center For Arts Education, Lincoln Center Education, and Carnegie Hall. Sasha is a graduate of Wellesley College and the Manhattan School of Music.
Guitarist and vocalist Justin Poindexter was raised in North Carolina, the son of a country singer and a schoolteacher. Specializing in American Roots music, including folk, blues, country and traditional jazz, he is known for his association with Silver City Bound (formerly the Amigos) with whom he won Americana Album of the Year from the Independent Music Awards for “Diner in the Sky.”  He is currently a member of the legendary jazz orchestra Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks. Justin also designed and oversees Jazz at Lincoln Center’s global outreach concert initiative, “Let Freedom Swing,” which reaches audiences through 600 performances annually across the United States, Australia, and London. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where he studied composition with Kenneth Frazelle.

  1. Great Performers
    Great Performers
    Arguably the most versatile local singer, America's best 3 part harmony theatrical string band, and a top 50 songwriters of the past 50 year have played the Farm
  2. Americana and folk
    Americana and folk
    Our concerts lean toward Americana and folk, with great songwriting, and playing as the centerpiece. This place usually brings out their rock and roll hearts.
  3. Great Venue and Sound
    Great Venue and Sound
    We have been told that we have great acoustics for an outdoor venue. We like to think of the area under the tree canopy as an outdoor listening room.
MUSEF was inspired by a neighbor who thought it would be nice to do something to bring our neighborhood together. I agreed and suggested our big field might be a good place. That event never happened but a few months later my wife and I invited a 3 part harmony string band  from NYC to do a house concert. I was up by the barn, looking up the hill, and thought this might be a nice place for a stage under the tree canopy. Thus the project mushroomed as my wife insists my projects always do. We invited the neighborhood. This evolved into inviting close by neighborhoods. This further evolved into customers of the Pfafftown Post Office being invited. We ended up with about 250 folks. The thing that was so exciting for us, was seeing different groups forming circles for their own picnics. When the music started all these chairs turned to face the stage. We later met a couple that had, sometime before the concert, build a house about four miles away. The wife told us the concert was where they started to feel a part of Pfafftown. Now this is their forever home. We are not suggesting you must live in Pfafftown. Certainly not! Anyone who loves to make friends, can enjoy a picnic, but still listen to music listening room style is an honorary Pfafftownian. Correct pronunciation of Pfafftown is not mandatory. We will love you anyway. This is why we do these concerts a few times a year and what we hope you leave with.
Gary Hendricks

 You will drive through a neighborhood to get to the farm. You are not lost.

While children are welcome we want these concerts to feel like a listening room environment once the music starts.

Bring your picnic, cooler, and lawn chair to Windfield Farm in Pfafftown NC.

We will open the farm gate at 6pm and encourage you to arrive at that time. Remember, our motivation for doing these concerts is to bring friends, neighbors, neighborhoods, and communities together. We love to see different groups coming together to share a picnic before the music starts.

The music portion of the event will start promptly at 7PM.

Admission is free but we will pass the offering bucket. Just like church. WE WANT YOU HERE REGARDLESS.

This is an outdoor venue on a private farm (Windfield Farm)
We open to the public only for these concerts. You must drive into the Telfair neighborhood to get to our farm. It only feels like you are lost.

Bring your cooler, and a picnic if you will be eating
There will be no food or beverages available for purchase
Bring whatever you wish to drink (no glass containers please)
Bring your lawn chair

When entering the property, go through the farm gate, and park to the left.
The concert will be under the shade tree canopy but will move into the arena if it rains
Portable restroom facilities will be provided
Please walk on the the grassy paths or the graveled drive and avoid the mulched areas
Dogs and other pets are not allowed
Smoking is not allowed on the property
We encourage you to bring a small flash light for returning to your car. The parking area is not lighted
Please create a listening room environment when the concert starts.
We have no sponsors and present these concerts for musicians we love
We think one of the best ways to build community is with music
We pass a bucket around during the concert, just like a church offering plate
The willingness of people to donate to the musicians has somewhat offset the cost
We thank you for your giving in the past, and for what you will give in the future