Letter from Windfield Farm Arboretum
We are so grateful to you for attending the picnic/concerts at Windfield Farm Arboretum. We get emails thanking us for hosting this event and for the time and effort required. You being here makes it worth it. Most of the physical work around here must be done anyway. My wife loves gardening and I love my wife. Actually having visitors keeps me from getting too lazy. The real work is to make sure we have an audience for the performers. You are the real heroes. You show up. I email. I bug on Facebook. I stop everyone I know, be it at the grocery store, church, or wherever. I really don't enjoy social media so I am totally out of my element. At some point before a concert I say, "Last one. Never again". But, you show up and here we go doing another oneI repeat myself, "We are so grateful that you come out and make for such an enjoyable evening for us as well as the performers.

For newbees we picnic at 6 followed by the concert at 7.  By the end of the first set darkness is settling in. The moon comes over the trees and presents itself to the audience. The stars pop out overhead. Many people say it feels like a relaxing time with friends and neighbors. One person said they find feng shui. I suppose driving through a neighborhood, into what we hope you find to be a santuary, to sit with friends tucked under a tree canopy is a good place to find harmony with the heavens. The wife is an obsessive collector of dwarf conifers so there are lots of textures and shades of green to take you away from the outside world.

Perfomers find this a favorite place to play. The audience is seated and listens to the songs. The music is just loud enough, with the wonderful soundman that helps, to create a listening room performance while still rocking you in the correct portion. One musician stated she had never played an outdoor listening room before. That is an incredible complement to you in the crowd giving your full attention to the stage.

Please feel free to spread the word to any friends that would enjoy coming out. That is the best thanks we can receive and makes our lives so much easier. We are open to anyone that enjoys finding community through music, listening to music in a listening room environment, while enjoying an outdoor setting.

Thank you so much again. This becomes so much fun when you are here to share it with us.